Saturday, January 5, 2013

Introductory Overview

The module deals with a number of elements to information systems auditing. These elements could broadly be categorised as the information systems environment and how to audit it.

Information Systems Environment

The information systems environment is focused on workplaces and organisations. This covers computer components (e.g. hardware and software), computer processing and connectivity (networks and infrastructure). Information in the broadest context is also examined including knowledge management, document management and aspects of data management (with the context of different database types) and UK legislation pertaining to the above. Challenges relating to IT security is singled out.

Information Systems Auditing

Special features of IT systems relevant to auditing them are explored. Ideas for planning and executing an IS audit are provided. The different types of IT audits are stated and explored in further detail. How to use IT systems to perform audits are covered as a separate topic.

Information Systems Governance

Ways of organising IT departments to ensure effective governance are covered.