Friday, January 11, 2013

IT Strategy

Establishing a strategy involves assessing where you are, where you want to be and planning how to bridge the gap.

An overview of an IT strategy framework is described below.

External Biz Environment + External IT environment = Org Strategy (Note 1)

Org Strategy leads into Biz Process & Systems (Note 2)

Current IT Assessment leads into Implementation Programmes which interacts with strategic justification.

Org Strategy + Biz Process & Systems + Current IT Assessment (Note 3)  = IT Strategy and the Strategic Justification (Note 4) interacts with the IT Strategy (Note 5)

IT Strategy leads into Implementation Programme (Note 6)

Note 1 - Org strategy (Organisational objectives, KPIs, critical sucess factors)

Note 2 - Biz Process & Systems (A structured representation of departments and workflows

Note 3 - Current IT assessment (position, processes, people, tools, governance, control environment and an indication as to what extent IT systems support the organisational needs)

Note 4 - Strategic Justification - The business case. Would include a top-down review, cost/benefit analyses and responsibility assignments for benefit realisation.

Note 5 - IT Strategy - Physical and logical application and data architecture, IT management, IT organisation and IT policies.

Note 6 - Implementations Programmes - Description of key projects to realise IT strategy. Possibly groupings of projects into programmes. Resources required.